Watanui Orimono

Watanui Orimono is a Japanese manufacturer of quality silk founded in 1891 at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Started producing KAIKI silk used for kimonos.

By the 1940's, producing brocade and silk damask for dresses which were very popular among the U.S. forces as their souvenirs.

Around 1950, started producing silk shantung for women's clothes which were good sales in department stores and dressmaker shops.

Our fabrics were used for dresses and clothes wore by the Japanese Empress and the imperial family.

In 1969, the Japanese Emperor visited our factory.

Since we specialize in womenswear, we have been receiving requests for our original textile woven from silk, cotton, linen and various materials, from Japanese major apparel companies.

In our archives, we have designed several thousands of patterns to show our development and techniques.

As of lately our main business is weaving fabrics for women's clothes, we are always putting all efforts into the work of creating new samples, studying from our archives to lead the fashion which keeps changing constantly.

Especially our thin fabrics made from silk organdy, which is a popular light natural texture and a washable fabric after it is finished.

It is easily used for designing blouses and dresses but also for other products.





Name of the Company :         WATANUI  ORIMONO  CO., LTD.

Established :                             1891

Capital :                                      ¥12 million

Representative  Director :      Yuji  Watanabe

Business :                                   Production  and  Sales  of  Fabric

Office and Factory :                 1-16-29  Shimoyoshida,  Fujiyoshida-city,  Yamanashi #403-0004  Japan

Telephone :                                +81-555-23-0150

Facsimile :                                 +81-555-23-7760

URL :                                            www.watanui.com

Main Bank :                                Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporarion